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Picnic pants

20 Oct


So here’s the deal. I’m walking and then i’m hungry.Well good thing all I have to do is sit down indian style and make my pants a table. Bonapetit on my crotch!!! I mean just look at those action shots.


true knee socks

29 Apr

Remember those imposters that covered all of your lower leg and not even your knee? well forget about em , cause this is a real knee sock right here. represent

Street credibility sweatshirts

29 Apr

It’s simple,The more sweashirt , the more street cred

ledgible facial decorations

29 Apr

What an innovator, excuse me but no one ever said mustaches had to be made out of hair. and ps I do love it

oh biby biby

29 Apr

I don’t know about you, but when I wear a bib as an adult i like to think it should look like a weeping Italian saying capice. Note only 4 fingers there, new trend for humanity also? This piece is all around fashion forward.

super sunglasses

29 Apr

The best way to protect your eyes from UV rays is by blocking all of your eyesight

Rebel footwear

22 Feb

So maybe your feet only want to be half way in a boot all day long, did you ever think of that. Gosh open your mind.